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Summary of Accounts

BiCon 1999 Accounts

Summary excluding hardship fund, loans and surpluses

Registrations5342.00Accommodation [2]6145.61
Accommodation7028.00Meeting rooms2812.36
T-shirts and badges348.00Daytime PA hire84.00
Donations 45.00Posterboard hire100.00
Adverts15.00Flipchart stands [3]141.00
Coffee tickets [1]308.85Equipment for ents260.00
Toward phone calls50.00
Coffee etc [1]1004.63
Stall at Pride Scotland27.50
Printing booking forms69.00
Copying programmes70.60
Other copying9.00
Name badges51.68
Surplus = 1751.01

Including loans, surpluses etc.

loan from EBG200.00repaid to EBG200.00
from '97/'982892.49to hardship fund1000.00
from BAG [4]547.66BM fee (from BAG money)58.75
hardship from auction121.45
surplus this year1751.01
Total4253.86 - passed to BiCon 2000

[1] The coffees were a nightmare. We tried to keep the money for them separate so we could count it, and the figure shown as coffee ticket income is our best estimate. As it was Pollock charged us much more than this, and we would have been seriously inconvenienced by it if they had not also charged us less than we expected for accommodation.

[2] Pollock charged us much less for on site accommodation than we expected. This was because we didn't have to pay VAT on rooms for the Friday and Saturday nights. The extra money from this served to offset the loss from the coffees.

[3] We bought flipchart stands outright rather than hire them from Pollock as it was only marginally more expensive. They have been passed on to BiCon 2000.

[4] BAG promised to pay for the BM box, as they have up until now. We didn't actually get any money from them until August 1999, at which point they transferred their whole balance to BiCon.


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BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.