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BiCon has always been a community event, with plenty of opportunity for people to participate, so if you have any events you'd like to see, or help run, we'd be very interested in hearing from you. We are particularly looking for people to run workshops/discussion groups on (almost) any topic (see the list below), live performers, artists, sign language interpreters, and opinionated people to come up with ideas. There's also a small mailing list for organisers and advisers, subscription to which is by invitation only, but if you think you could be of use, get in touch...

You may also be able to publish or distribute our registration form and/or our publicity leaflet. You are, of course, welcome to make as many copies as you like, and we'd be very grateful to anyone who can get these either to interested individuals, by handing them around at bi or other relevant groups or by leaving them in your local friendly bookshop, gay centre, club etc. You are also welcome to print our leaflet on one side of a flyer containing information about your bi group or event, if you are running one and to publish the text in newsletters etc. If you want more publicity info please feel free to mail us

Our registration form allows you to volunteer as a general helper, counsellor, first aider or sign language interpreter as well as to offer to run a workshop session. And if you want to run a session but don't know what, here is a list of some things we'd like to see that haven't been organised yet...

We could go on, but you get the general idea... (And don't worry if you'd like to go to some of these sessions. They or something very like them will run.)


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